Innovation Lab
Organizations must innovate to be competitive. Commercial success is gauged by an organization’s ability to distinguish from the competition and provide value to their customers. This requires a dedicated attention to continuous innovation. But, innovation is fragile. The process of innovation is difficult, undisciplined and elusive. Artists build careers on their ability to innovate. Our creative consultants can teach your organization how to recognize and implement the innovation process.

1. Building Creative Teams The purpose of teambuilding is to improve communication and work on the collaboration skills of the group. Building creative teams goes a step further by teaching groups how to find new approaches to old ideas and innovative solutions to the seemingly unsolvable issues that occur every day in the workplace.

2. Practicing Creative Leadership Creative leadership requires more than shifting your current paradigm; it requires a complete flip in perspective, beliefs and actions. It requires a whole mind approach called Design Thinking. Our work introduces the value of right-brain thinking in leadership and techniques to guide teams to innovative solutions.

3. Facilitated Innovation

4. Innovation Audits Discover your organizational barriers to creativity and explore your potential for innovation. We offer an organization wide or specific group analysis of idea flow, creative infrastructure, and leadership attributes that promote or inhibit innovation.